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Girls HH and Casual Vibes

So earlier this week I got to hang out with some girl friends and have a quick HH and it was a good time, as always. However,  I was feeling a little funky so I was extremely quiet. For me, being quiet is not normal. If I am quiet, or not making jokes then something is wrong. Well, that was the case. My close friend Bethany noticed it and brought me back to life. I truly believe that sometimes you just need a good cry or a good group of friends to whip you back into shape. Since that evening,  I have been a different person. I am smiling and being me again. Thank gosh because no one likes a boring person, well at least not in our group.

Any who, lets talk fashion… truth be told, I use to never do the whole “tuck in” shirt or knot it until this past year. Apparently its a thing and I am so glad that I learned that because I would never have wore the tees that I do now. I have never been a tee type of girl but now I own this tee in every color. That is true story. I am in love with it. You can dress it up or down, whatever you do, you cannot go wrong. It is that good. The only thing I recommend is that you do not dry it. It does get holes in it. However, I would buy it a million times, it is that good. xo!


Choker: Nordstrom/Bracelet: Amazon/Watch: Apple at Target/Hat: Amazon/Tee: Nordstrom/Shorts: American Eagle/ Booties: Nordstrom/ Purse: Nordstrom/Bracelet: Tory Burch


Dry Shampoo: Bed Head/Miracle Oil for the hair: Its a 10/ Deodorant Donna Karan: Amazon/ Wand: Ulta/ Powder: Lancome/ Tease Brush: Amazon/ Clinique Blush: Macy


Here is me wearing the same shirt into the office yesterday. I am telling you this is my go to shirt. It is so comfortable and one of those shirts that you will want in your life. If you are not sold yet, then something is wrong with you. HA! Just kidding but seriously this top is where it is at…..xoxooxo!





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