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Date Night Dress

Happy Monday, everyone. I am sure all of you are tired of hearing about the Nordstrom sale, but honestly, it is hard not to speak about it. I mean they have so many amazing deals, that most people want to shout it out loud. And honestly, it opens to the public starting this week, so soon everyone can shop it. I will be very honest here and tell you, I never shopped at Nordstrom until last year at this same time. At that time, my best friend and I were talking about getting some over the knee boots and she said that I should look at Nordstrom as this same sell was going on. I did and from that point on, I was hooked. I buy most of my wardrobe at Target, Amazon or Nordstrom. Here is why I love Nordstrom, because it is nothing I thought it was growing up. Growing up, I always thought it was for richer people but that is so not the case. Truth is, Nordstrom has some of the best sales. I mean yes, they do have expensive stuff too but not everything is expensive. Plus, the quality is always top notch. AND the reason I seem to go towards Amazon and Nordstrom is because of their return policy. Returning items is so easy. So, I usally order a bunch of items from Nordstrom during their sales, and return what I did not like or did not think was worth the cost. So, if you have been on the fence about Nordstrom, or think its not for you, just take a look at the Anniversary sale. This dress that I am sharing today I got for $35 last week as it is part of the sale. When the sale is done it will be $55. I actually wore it on a date day with the hubby over the weekend. I really love the way this dress fits, it is not heavy at all so I could wear it with it being 95 outside and its something I can wear again when its cooler with a cute blue jean jacket or a long cardigan. It is one of those must haves that will last you year round. You could even wear it to an outdoor wedding or throw on some cute heels and wear it the office. No matter what your shoe preference is, this dress is worth it. Oh, and the cost is only $35. I mean duh, and it comes in a great black color too. I am wearing a small for size. I will say it is a little loose so I would size down for sure. xo!


Dress: Nordstrom/Shoes: Zappos/ Sunglasses: Amazon/Earrings: Amazon


Dry Shampoo: Amazon/ LipStick: Mac



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