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A little fashion and a little self confidence

Happy Monday, everyone! So, I wanted to share something with each of you. So I am a pretty confident person but I do have days where that is not as confident and I find myself feeling sorry for myself. I think that is because I am human and that is normal for everyone. If you never have that issue, power to ya, but I would be lying if I said I do not have my bad days because I do. So, I have started on a health journey. It started a little over a month ago when I realized I was drinking quite a bit, not wanting to cook dinner, not wanting to do much, and just wanting to party. Now, do not get me wrong that meant party with my friends and family, and anyone really. I found myself starting to gain weight and even though I was working out pretty often throughout the week, I was starting to find myself drinking every night. Not that I was getting intoxicated, just drinking calories that I really did not need. Then the next morning I have no motivation to do much, and my workouts were not as strong as they could be and I was kind of blah. So, a few weeks ago I got sick and realized I had to stop. I did not want to be unhealthy anymore. I made a promise to myself that yes I might still have cocktails on the weekends and some wine on the weekdays but I am going to start eating better and taking care of myself again. After all, we only have one life, I need to live it. Since then I have worked out almost every single day, I have had a shake of some sort for lunch almost every day and I have noticed such a change in myself. In only 3 weeks, I have lost a little weight and my self confidence is out the roof. I am feeling like me again and feeling so good about myself, no one can get in my way. It really is crazy what diet does to your health and yourself. I even notice the days that maybe I eat some junk food, I feel more sluggish than the days I do not. Plus, this whole new outlook has brought my husband and I closer. We are cooking meals throughout the week together and enjoying each others company. Anyone close to me knows that I am a huge words of affirmation person, and when people around me are noticing the difference, that encourages me more. So, basically if you have been feeling a little down, or lacking some confidence or maybe just feeling blah, know that you are not alone. Life is hard, but if you really sit down and think about it, we only have one life, let’s live it. Let’s encourage each other and together we can all be amazing. I will continue to share my thoughts on my journey because again I am human and I am sure I will fall off the bang wagon again.

With all that being said, I am extra thrilled to share this look with you today. The reason is not just about the outfit but about the feeling you get when you do a “front tuck” and do not feel like a fatty. After I mentioned everything above, I realize I still have a long ways to go to get back to where I want to be but I know that I am feeling good in my clothes and that is something we all want at the end of the day. I have owned these wedges for quite some time but I did not know what to wear them with or what people would think, and now that I am back to my confident self, I am sporting these on the regular. If you are feeling a little spunky, you should do yourself and go purchase some of the items posted. The top is very flattering on anyone, large or small and you can wear it all year long. Imagine when it gets cold again, you could throw on a light jacket over this top and your best jeans and give it a whole different look. That is what I plan to do. Also, I am wearing my go to white shorts. I actually own a few pairs of white shorts but these from Nordstrom seem to make me feel the best. They are not tight around the bottom or stomach area and I can eat anything and they work with me. Plus, they are white and as my husband would say, anything white on a girl is HOT. So, if you have not bought some white shorts, go check these out. I do not think you will be disappointed. That is all I have today friends, have a great week!! xo!


Wedges: JCPenney/Top: American Eagle/Sunglasses: Nordstrom/White Shorts: Nordstrom/Necklace: Kendra Scott/ Earrings: Amazon


Dry Shampoo: Bed Head/Miracle Oil for the hair: Its a 10/ย Deodorant Donna Karan: Amazon/ Wand: Ulta/ Powder: Lancome/ Tease Brush: Amazon/ Clinique Blush: Macys



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